Improve your Rest by connecting to the Earth

We are forgetting that our Body is designed to be in constant connection with the Earth


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We firmly believe that the places where we spend the majority of our time can be significantly healthier and more comfortable.

La Cama Azul,is a company specializing in eco-friendly products that is dedicated to researching how to improve our environment and how unfavorable or polluted environments can negatively affect our health, leading to long-term ailments.


Eco-Friendly Handcrafted Products Made in Spain 


What defines La Cama Azul?


By combining the concepts of “Rest” and “Ecology,” we start by designing products for rest whose main objective is to avoid the harmful effects of electromagnetic fields.

Geo-environmental health has progressed, and environmental toxins,natural radiations, and artificial electromagnetic radiations present where we live and work directly affect our well-being.

These invisible, tasteless, and odorless factors can be identified and measured, as can the benefits of La Cama Azul’s eco-friendly products (see Report from the University of Alcalá de Henares, Spain).


Our articles are ecological, creating comfort and protection through them, allowing for restful sleep, reducing the effects of stress, and boosting the immune system, thereby promoting the regeneration of melatonin.


Our products are geared towards relaxation. Their simplicity and effectiveness are due to their ecological and natural compounds manufactured in Spain.


Our Products:  100% Natural Eco Rest


The Top Sellers:

Made with authentic 100% natural merino wool, whose fiber is much finer and thinner, from sheep from Extremadura (Spain)

It is the only wool in the world that completely isolates from geopathies, has demonstrable therapeutic qualities, and maintains our body temperature in all seasons of the year.


Other benefits:

The mattress topper contains a copper wire mesh and grounding to discharge all electromagnetic fields accumulated during the day in our resting time.

Quick drying, breathable, anti-bacterial effect (does not need frequent washing), retains heat even when wet, has a natural sun protection factor, being a renewable natural resource.


Its aim is to protect against the dreaded magnetic fields from computers.

It is a therapeutic cushion that contains a copper wire mesh and grounding.




Therapeutic Insulating cushion

Protect yourself from the negative effect of the electromagnetic field of your computer with the Therapeutic Cushion.
Made with 100% natural products.



It isolates and protects against electromagnetic fields from televisions and electronic devices. It improves blood circulation, is anti-static, relaxing, and anti-stress.


Improve your rest by connecting to the Earth

With our sleep system La Cama Azul, we take advantage of all the benefits of being in contact with the earth’s surface while you sleep through a grounding system.

The earth’s surface is covered by a layer of electrons that act as one of nature’s most powerful antioxidants and anti-inflammatories.

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Improve your rest by connecting to the earth

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